How to Use a Lawnmower to Create the Perfect Lawn

A properly manicured lawn can be a beautiful sight; however, it takes much more than just driving a ride-on-mower or pushing a manual machine over grass in order to get a fantastic result. If you use the incorrect technique, your lawn can become patchy and uneven. A professional lawn mowing company uses a range of techniques to make lawns look great. Thankfully, you can learn these techniques and achieve a high-quality cut.

Mow the perimeter

You should begin by mowing the grass on the perimeter of your lawn. You should mow in a clockwise direction to ensure that the perimeter of the lawn remains smooth. Mowing in a clockwise manner also ensures that any grass which is ejected by your mower will be thrown onto the centre of the lawn.

Perform a straight cut

A straight cut refers to mowing the grass in straight lines. You should begin by mowing the central area of the lawn as this will also clear any grass which has been ejected by your mower during the cutting of the perimeter. Set off from the edge of the lawn with one edge of your mower against the perimeter line. Walk or drive your mower across the lawn at a steady speed. When you turn to return on a new line, you should check that the edge of the mower meets the edge of the previous cut. This will prevent unsightly streaking between the paths. If you notice any streaking, you can repeat your run and overlap the two lines in order to blend them. You should repeat this process until you have covered the central area of the lawn and met up with the opposite perimeter.

Curve around trees and other obstacles

Not all lawns allow for straight lines when mowing with trees, garden beds and other obstacles getting in the way. You should treat these obstacles in the same way you treated the perimeter. Curve around the obstacle and then return to the straight line.

Change your mowing pattern

Every time you mow your lawn, you should change where you start mowing and pattern of the process. If you do not do this, the soil in your garden may become compacted. This will prevent your lawn from absorbing the water and nutrients it needs.

If require further information about how best to maintain your lawn or the best type of lawn mowers, contact a garden supply company.

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