Bin Hire and Recycling for a Greener Environment

Working on your garden doesn't have to be just another backbreaking messy task. With the right planning you can ensure that you are not only improving the aesthetics of your property, you are also helping the environment and saving yourself money through recycling garden waste. The Australian Government plans to invest over $360 million dollars up until 2020, into its Green Army scheme in a bid to encourage local people to engage in community projects that regenerate wasteland. Whilst not everyone can get involved in such tasks, incorporating the values of the initiative into your own gardening projects is a big step in the right direction.

Waste Disposal

There are certain materials from the garden which you may find hard to recycle at home such as concrete slabs and large vegetation, however by hiring the use of a dedicated skip you can dispose of these materials without fear of them being fly-tipped and causing more damage to the environment. Bin hire is simple enough, requiring just a dedicated area to store the bin and enough space for the bin hire company to remove it. You often hire bins for set periods of around a week at a time with the option to extend, with sizes based upon the amount of black bin bags it will hold. There are certain materials that the average skip will not hold such as flammable or toxic waste and pressurised cans. However by talking to the bin hire company you'll be able to get a thorough overview of what size you should get for the task and what you can put in it. 

Green Recycling

If you have lots of green waste then you can hire a dedicated garden waste bin or purchase your own compost heap. Just take as much organic waste as you can, such as leaves, roots, and food debris and throw into the bin. Store it in a sheltered part of the garden and wait for it to break down. Be sure to turn the earth every so often with a garden fork to allow the air to circulate, which will speed up the process which should take approximately 10 weeks before it's ready to use. Just be sure not to use glass, plastic or weeds such as dandelions, which can take root and drain the nutrients. Doing your bit for the environment from the comfort of your own home will help the Department of the Environment and Energy to effectively reduce waste and care for the environment. Whilst using a professional bin hire company ensures that waste is disposed of properly.

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